Adding Payment to Tabs To Tasks.

Tabs To Tasks will help you reduce the number of web browser tabs you have open, save them as a tasks through a bookmarklet, and help you build a workflow to complete those tasks within our website service.

I’m passionate about customer driven development and want build new features that will allow Tabs to Tasks users to manage their tabs more productively. As a sponsor, you will have a weekly vote on the next features which will ensure that the product grows to match your needs.

Click here to become a sponsor now, or carry on reading below.

Tell me more…

I’ve limited the weekly payments to 3 months duration at this stage. Development sponsorship would be reaffirmed during month 2 to ensure that everyone is happy with the progress toward the vision. You would ofcourse be able to stop the weekly payments before this.

I’ve picked ChargeBee to manage the subscription aspect of the payment, rather than roll my own on top of Stripe. Though ChargeBee does integrate nicely with Stripe!

It will give a nicer experience in the short-term, and allow for the project sponsors to receive useful information when the payment has been process, and update/cancel the subscription. In the long-term I’ll look for closer payment integration.

What do sponsors get?

Payment will be collected weekly, and I’ve added in a prompt to remind people to vote on development in Trello. It’s all part of the drive to make this as customer driven as possible. Those who subscribe to this method of development will get to make suggestions on the features, and vote on others suggestions. Weekly these votes will be feed into the next development priorities.

The subscription will allow me to develop this project further, and allow you to reduce the number of tabs you have open, and convert them into tasks as we go on.

Thanks to Stef of Makelight for recommending ChargeBee. And John of Golf And Course, for co-working support.

Thanks to those who are sponsoring the project by a beer a week. You can now subscribe and pay for your sponsorship on this ChargeBee checkout page.


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