Closing The Productivity Loop

Tabs To Tasks will help you reduce the number of web browser tabs you have open, save them as a tasks through a bookmarklet, and help you build a workflow to complete those tasks within our website service.

So, unlike most of the other solutions available, our focus is not just on saving the tabs you have open, but also what you do with them after they’re saved.

With yesterday’s developments, we took the first efforts to present the saved tabs back to the user with a reminder email.

An email being just the first method of reminding you in a manageable manner. We’re aware that people have an issue with too many emails sometimes as well, and are open to also sending you reminders through other mediums. We’d love to hear what other methods you’d like to receive a reminder through? And in time we’ll experiment to see what are the most productive times for you to receive reminders.

The initial email will take the approach of showing you 2 from the top and 2 from the bottom of your list. Basically so you’re not just seeing really new tasks, or really old ones.

We’re already breaking up the main list of tasks into new, old, and a medium level, so perhaps 3 separations is going to prove the most effective?


To me it’s really important to close this productivity loop and make sure the tabs saved are put to good use, or archived.

It’s also really important that we get customer feedback, and this goes straight into the development pipeline. This is happening through Trello, and when you’re using Tabs To Tasks you can leave feedback, suggestions or vote on past suggestions going into production at anytime.



So there we have it. We’re closing the loop on productivity and on the customer development lifecycle.

I’d love it if you wanted to get involved with sponsoring the development for a beer a week, or if you’ve any more questions?



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