So, how many browser tabs do you have open?

It’s a question I’ve asked a few people now!

“How many browser tabs do you have open?”
“Why do you have them open?”
“Do, you use any tools to manage them?”

The answers have surprised me. As well as myself, a lot of other developers & other professions, have a problem with many tabs open.

An idea was born. Lets build a solution together. As an established Ruby On Rails developer with a startup mindset, I’m in a good position to get this started.

Our Customers

Do you have a problem with having too many tabs open? You are one of our customers, and we need your help. Our development process is customer driven.

The Goal

Save your links to read when you have the time. And concentrate on the task in hand. Get prompts to finish what you were doing within a short timeframe.

Why do you have the tab open?

  • “to look at later”
  • “save for a newsletter”
  • “send to a friend”
  •  “for project x”

A tab is a task to be done in the future.

We need to have a mechanism to remind us why the links in the tabs are open & help you do them. Otherwise we’re just going to end up in the same problem, just without 50 tabs open. So, it’s important that the solution enhances productivity.

I’ve made a start with a Chrome Bookmarklet, and a simple Ruby On Rails application hosted on Heroku.

A starting point. How will it get enhanced?

The proposal is to find 10 people who will sponsor this development for just 1 beer a week. In return they’ll get a vote each week on how development goes.

Want to get involved? Contact Ian now and say how many tabs you have open, and he’ll send you a sign up link to pay £4 a week.

Look forward to hearing from you & reducing the number of tabs, and being more productive with the contents.